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Investment Questions
Potential investors must independently determine whether their proposed investments will qualify for an EB-5 visa and must independently consult with an immigration attorney. The follwoing information was prepared by PCEG as a summary of general EB-5 information and procedure and is not a complete summary of applicable law.

What is meant by the requirement that the investor’s assets must be lawfully gained?

USCIS regulations state that the investor must demonstrate that the investment monies were gained in a lawful manner. During I-526 phase of the EB-5 investment process the applicant will need to provide documentation showing that investment funds were legally acquired.

Can money gifted by a parent or other relative be used for an EB-5 investment?
Yes, the money can be gifted as long as the gift tax is paid, the gift is an actual arms-length transaction, the gift isn’t re-paid upon residency and the funds are lawfully gained and acquired.

What are the investor’s financial risks?
EB-5 investors are required to place their investment funds "at risk" for the period of the petition. The risk to an investor can vary widely depending on the project the investor places their funds with. Therefore, it is critical that the investor does a great deal of due diligence and consultation in selecting the project that best fits their specific investment needs. EB-5 risks can vary but they are dependent on factors such as economic conditions, ownership of real estate, developer history, statutory changes, and other risks associated with the private offering. PCEG prides itself on sponsoring projects with a high probability of returning the full investment amount plus a reasonable rate of return.

How do I invest?

This is a process through which we provide several types of materials over the course of our communication. The first step, upon you communicating your interest to PCEG, is completing a Preliminary Investor Questionnaire along with a project Non-Disclosure Agreement. Both documents will be sent to you, but you may fill out the Preliminary Investor Questionnaire directly on our website at any time. Click here for the Preliminary Investor Questionnaire.
When will I receive the offering documents?
The offering documents will be sent if all the due diligence items are completed, reviewed in compliance with all applicable laws, and approval is given to proceed.

What is the minimum investment amount?
The EB-5 statutes state that the minimum investment amount is US $1 million dollars. If the commercial enterprise is located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) then the investor can place US $500,000 into the enterprise for job creation. At this time, all of the PCEG's investment projects will be located in designated TEA areas which qualify for the $500,000 USD level of investment. Click here to view our designated TEA letter which validates our projects' qualifications.
What is the rate of return on an EB-5 investment?
The Confidential Offering Memorandum specifies the potential rate of return based on the specific project that you are investing in. However, as the investment does need to be at risk there is no guarantee that any rate of return will be realized. We strive to select and align our Regional Center with projects and developers who have a track record of success.

How can I submit my investment funds to PCEG?
In our offering materials, we have a copy of our escrow agreement and wire instructions to the escrow bank account. Once we receive the investment we will issue a statement confirming the funds have been transferred for inclusion as part of your I-526 Petition.

My I-526 Application is denied, will I receive my funds back?
Yes. If the application is submitted and denied by USCIS then the full US $500,000 investment will be returned to the account from which the funds originated.