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Required Documents
1. Passport identification page (for you and the family members who will be immigrating with you).

2. U.S. visa stamps and I-94 departure record (for you and the family members who are currently in the U.S).

3. Birth certificates and marriage certificate.

4. Net worth statement/statement of financial condition (You must provide adequate documentation of your financial status).

5. Earnings and account statements, employer letters, closing documents, property deeds, and other documents regarding source of funds.

6. Bank account statements and wire transfer records regarding withdrawal and transfer of funds from your bank account to the U.S. enterprise or designated escrow account.

7. Business registration/incorporation documents for each business owned (U.S. and abroad).

8. Individual income tax returns for past the 5 years (U.S. and abroad).

9. Business income tax returns for the past 5 years (U.S. and abroad).

10. Resume, curriculum vitae, or biographical statement.