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What We Do
Pacific Casino & Entertainment Group (PCEG) is a limited liability company formed for the purpose of providing financing to developers for the design, planning, and construction of multi-use hospitality projects. PCEG has been designated as an official Regional Center by USCIS.
PCEG assists non-U.S. persons in receiving lawful permanent U.S. residence through our immigration-linked opportunities in American projects, which may result in permanent U.S. residency green cards through the EB-5 visa program. Today, through the Immigration Act of 1990, qualified EB-5 immigrants and their families may invest, live, work, study, retire and start a new life anywhere in the United States.

Closely affiliated with Steelman Partners and its group of design firms, PCEG has full access to over 25 years of experience managing the entire design and creation process for worldwide resort and entertainment projects.